Saturday, March 10, 2012


I ended on this note . How do we climb out of this hole ? We needed to take a cue from the financial world . They tell people to look at what they been spending their money on; by the same token we needed to evaluate and see what we're spending our time with.  Then those same people are to eliminate spending money on things they don't need.  WE need to eliminate the things we don't need in our life. We can't give GOD prime rated worship or prime time spending our time on things other than God. Then the financial planner gives them a budget. Only SO much money for food, so much for gas, so much for emergency , the rests goes to pay off bills. We need to plan our day; first thing pray, it may take a few days to decide how long you need to pray. Remember the man with the money woes didn't get that way over night,and we didn't get were we are over night. Then read,read,read, Gods words. It will clear out all the worldly thoughts. This worlds worries will fall away, we'll put them in their proper place. Then we can worship our minds will be clear,and we can go in to that secret place with God. We'll have prime time with the KING of KINGS ,AND HE'LL HAVE PRIME RATED WORSHIP FROM US. Psalms 96 : 6; O, come, let us worship and bow down: Let us kneel before the LORD our MAKER. by arva harlen.