Sunday, January 10, 2016


I talked to a man today that is blind, and it didn't take him long to have me in tears. as he talked about the things he would look at if he could see again for just one more day. He would spend the whole day with his family and try not to even blink. He wouldn't let those he loved out of his sight and he would do his best to burn those pictures into his memory, because right now it's been so long he is not sure if he can even remember what they look like. He went on and on about what he would look at if he could see for one more day. I wish I could express this the way he did because there wouldn't be a dry eye to read this blog. But then he began to tell me about the day that keeps him going, the day when he will have his eye sight again, the day that will last forever. He said although he can't see now he knows the next image he sees will be JESUS! He told me he hopes and prays that everyone he has ever meet in this life is there along with all the pictures and images that he has missed over the last six years. He said "I hope no one feels uncomfortable when I don't quit starring at them." And then he told me "Do me a favor be sure and be there because I want to see you again."

Wouldn't it be a shame if he has seen you already for the last time, let's all do our best to be there on the day that last forever so Bro. Dave can see us again.