Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Sermon on the Mount

Four weeks before Mom passed away, I went to see her. At that time, she was still well enough for me take her out to eat. On our way back from eating she began to talk to me about the 5th chapter of Matthew. She told me, "Standing on the mountain that day stood the Creator of the Universe, and all the wisdom of the world. He was looking out at over 5000, way over 5000, all sinner, we know this because grace had not been given yet. He knew that most of them would never hear him again, this was his only chance to reach them. He could have preached a number of sermons, but he picked what we call The Sermon on the Mount." Mom then looked at me and said, "There is a life time of sermons there. If you never preach any thing else, if you can get your little church to live by that, you can get them into Heaven." It was not till after she passed away that I understood the gold nugget she gave me, Jesus gave us everything we need to get in to heaven in Matthew Chapters 5-7.